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Our Community Advisory Council

The community advisory council (CAC) are ambassadors between the NHCE and multiple facets of our community. They act as liaisons and provide advice to the Board of Directors and staff on local challenges and opportunities. Members also provide expert guidance and different lenses of experience on the Endowment’s focus areas including education, health and social equity, public safety and community development.

Community Advisory Council
Inaugural Community Advisory Council with Endowment Staff. Pictured (left to right): LeShonda Wallace, Jamie Stokley, Gustavo Rodea, Dawn Ferrer, Yasmin Tomkinson, William Buster, Marrio Jeter, Jane Morrow, Peter Nemmers, Quanesha Mullins, Frankie Roberts, Maurice “Kent” Locklear, Susie Sewell, Joe Finley, Chaz Springer, Brandon Cagle, Advaita Zamora-Duprey, Alison Cheng. Not pictured: Natalie English, Sara Hobgood
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