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Since NHCE’s establishment in 2020, the organization has made great progress in building a foundation for the Endowment’s future work. It signed an agreement with the attorney general, organized our board of directors, elected officers, adopted bylaws, created a conflict of interest policy and initial investment policy, established its mission, vision, values and commitment and selected the Endowment’s first CEO. Please visit this page to learn more about what’s been accomplished and what’s to come.

What We’ve Accomplished

January 2022

Inaugural CEO & President Appointed

William Buster, a seasoned leader in philanthropy who has dedicated his life’s work to improving the social determinants of health and quality of life for all people across the South, was selected to serve as the first CEO & President. 
December 2021

Second Public Listening Session Held

Community members gathered for the second listening session to share how the Endowment can make the greatest impact possible for all to thrive. At the second session, many needs presented at the first were further amplified.
October 2021

First Public Listening Session Held

The first public listening session served as an initial opportunity for community members to share their perspectives and insights on New Hanover’s needs. Some prominent areas of concern shared were equitable access to youth programs, transportation, affordable housing, resources for the Latinx community, safety and more.

July 2021

Endowment Established Mission, Vision, Values and Commitment

To provide a defined direction and focus, NHCE established its mission: “To improve the health, education, safety, and economic opportunity of every person in our community.” Its values are the following: integrity, transparency, inclusivity, courage, collaboration, accountability.

July 2021

Investment Coach Hired

An investment coach was selected by the board to begin developing the Endowment’s long term investment policies.

July 2021

CEO Search Began

The chief executive officer of the New Hanover Community Endowment will have an awe-inspiring challenge: Embrace the legacy of service long characteristic of the New Hanover Regional Medical Center and capitalize on the unique opportunity for impact inherent in the foundation made possible by its sale.

March 2021

Two Additional Board Members Added

Dr. Khadijia Tribie Reid and Dr. Edelmira Segovia were selected to join the board in response to a request from N.C. Attorney General Josh Stein to add racial equity and public health knowledge to the board.

January 2021

Attorney General Josh Stein Approved Novant’s Purchase of New Hanover Regional Medical Center

Contingent on provisions to increase the Endowment’s transparency, Attorney General Josh Stein announced no objections to the sale and iterated his support stating negotiations have created “a more representative, more transparent, and more accountable Endowment.”

January 2021

Conflict of Interest Policy Established

To protect the integrity of the tax-exempt organization, the policy intends to prevent the Endowment from a transaction or arrangement that may benefit the private interest of an officer or director or might result in a possible excess benefit transaction.

December 2020

New Hanover Community Endowment Board of Directors Named

Chris Boney, Bill Cameron, Cedric Dickerson, Michele Holbrook, Patrick D. Maguire, MD and David Harriss Sprunt were appointed to the board.

November 2020

Bylaws Adopted

The Endowment board adopted its bylaws to guide the operations of the Endowment, which are aligned with its mandated purpose.

October 2020

Officers Elected

Spence Broadhurst and Hannah Gage were elected chair and vice chair of the board respectively.

What Comes Next

November 2022

Make first grants

September 2022

Open Grant Applications

September 2022

Develop Grant Criteria

July 2022

Announce Grants

June 2022

Select First Community Advisory Council Members

March 2022

Develop Staffing Model and Begin Recruiting Staff

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